Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Being a novice with social media

When I published my first children's book - The Tenth Gateway- I didn't realise that I would be entering a whole new world - the world of social media.

It terrified me.

I took the first step by enrolling in an online course called 'Building an Author Website' run by The Australian Writers Centre. This was a great course.  I created a face book page with the help of a friend who knows about these things. 

The next difficulty was knowing what to post. This was and still is a struggle. I now also have Instagram and twitter but I still don't really understand them.

Everyone then told me that I needed to have a blog, so let's see how it goes.

On my blog I intend to share with my journey not only as a writer but as a user of social media.

Does anyone relate to this?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Becoming a writer of children's books

I haven't always been a writer of children's books - although I did write a story about the adventures of a nail when I was nine.

Progressing on from this there have been a multitude of professional writings - essays, academic papers, reports, project plans, business plans and lesson plans etc etc.

Now it is time for writing about all the fun and interesting things I have always loved to read about - history, mystery and magic. I can use my imagination to create fantasy worlds and beings that children - real and fictional - can immerse themselves in.

Albert Einstein once said:

So, I'll keep writing......

What is your favourite fairy story?

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