Monday, July 15, 2019

Some Fresh Ideas

Seeing a Real Underground City

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two months since I completed the first draft of my third children’s book about the magic game ‘The Tenth Gateway.  I’ve been on holiday and it’s given me some fresh ideas.

For instance, we visited Turkey and saw lots of amazing sights and met many friendly people. When we visited the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu near Goreme it reminded me of my fictional underground home for the gnomes in my book ‘The Spy’s Door’. It was several stories high and filled with twisting tunnels and myriad small dwellings and proved to me that people (and magical beings) can survive for long periods underground.

My photo could only capture a tiny glimpse of this amazing place.

Developing Characters

I have realised that some of my characters need further development. They are a bit wooden and their personalities not sufficiently differentiated. After seeing Derinkuyu I can better imagine who might live in such a place. So I’ve decided to focus on Gwulfud (the gnome), review his dialogue and strengthen his characteristics.

We also visited places on The Baltic Sea and parts of Scandinavia. I loved the fairy tale castle at Schwerin in the north of Germany but the only castle I have included in my stories so far is the forbidding fortress castle of Malefic, the evil magician. I’ll keep the Schwerin image in mind for a future fantasy tale.

Do you have any special places that have inspired you?

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