Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A First Edit

Mapping the Magic Game

I have managed to complete the first edit of the first draft for my third book about The Tenth Gateway. I found a lot of inconsistencies and over use of some word and phrases. I still find it difficult to think of another way of saying ‘he said or she said’!

The edit was also very useful in helping me to think about the geography of the world of The Tenth Gateway. Maps like the one pictured and Robert Louis Stevenson’s map of ‘Treasure Island’ gave me the idea.

Whilst I have the picture of the world of the magic game in my head I decided to draw a map of what it could look like. This has been really helpful as I realised that some of my directions and descriptions of the topology didn’t make sense. So I’ve had to re-write those bits.

I’m about to go on holiday for a few weeks. This will give me the opportunity to review the story again with fresh eyes when I return.

Book Promotion

My books are available for purchase online. It’s very difficult to know how many people find it via the different sites plus my own web page and social media.

A positive approach taken this year by Austin Macauley Publishers is a combined book promotion opportunity with a number of book fairs across the world. I’ve signed up for a few of them for ‘The Spy’s Door’ – so cross my fingers someone will see and like my book.

Austin Macauley Marketing have also sent me some promotional materials – book marks, post cards and posters.

If anyone has read either The Tenth Gateway or The Spy’s Door please let me know what you think.

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